Vancouver 2011

The 2011 IHMC meeting took place in Vancouver, Canada from 9-11 March. The congress was organized by the Foundation for National Institutes of Health (US) and gathered more than 400 participants, among which were the world top scientists and academics in the field of microbiome research together with representatives of leading food and pharmacological industries, but also members of funding organizations, science journalists and others.

The congress was the opportunity to re-emphasize the importance of human second genome, with its much greater variability, and the need to target it with the personalized medicine. It also showcased the recent findings about the classification of humans in three different categories following the types, named enterotypes, of intestinal bacteria that they harbour.

The congress was sponsored by BGI, Danone Research, Genome British Columbia, Genome Canada, General Mills, OpGen, MO BIO, Procter&Gamble, RiverMap DNA, Roche and Second Genome.