Paris 2012

The 2012 IHMC meeting took place on March 19, just prior to the opening of the MetaHIT/IHMC Congress in Paris, France.

The Congress with its more than 600 participants from 36 different countries across 4 continents was the largest to date in the field of the human microbiome, bearing witness to the rapidly increasing scientific and public interest in this area of research.

Among the topics discussed were the microbiome composition of healthy humans, clinical and functional studies in the microbiome research, data analysis and interpretation and the way to use the latest advances in order to pave the way towards personalised medicine. The full conference program can be accessed here.

For its scientific significance, the MetaHIT/IHMC Congress has received the support and patronage of United Nations Education, Science and Culture Organization (UNESCO).

The Congress participants originated mostly from research organizations and/or universities but also from private companies, funding organizations and press. The meeting was sponsored by European Commission (Grant N. HEALTH-F4-2007-201052) and HMP, as well as by private entities such as Danone Research, P&G, Lenovo, Enterome, LABIP, Life Technologies, MO BIO, Nestle, Roche and Unilever.

The IHMC meeting itself was the opportunity for the consortium members to take a look on previous achievements in the field, discuss funding issues and possible future development axes. 

Furthermore, IHMC chairmanship rotated: S. Dusko Ehrlich (INRA) and Patrik Kolar (European Commission) succeeded to Baghirath Singh from University of Western Ontario and Michael Surette from University of Calgary as co-chairs of IHMC.