Hangzhou 2013

The IHMC meeting took place from September 13 to 15, 2013 in Hangzhou, China.

The conference was organized by The Zhejiang University (China) and the IHMC Scientific Advisory Board chaired by S. Dusko Ehrlich (INRA France). This year, the conference was associated with a meeting on infectious diseases, organized in parallel, wishing to connect the two fields of interest: microbiome and infection which we know are highly related.

Once again, this eagerly awaited congress gathered some 2000 participants from all over the world (the United States, Canada, Europe and of course Asia).Their presence testified to their interest of the meeting and the major actors in this cutting edge field. Indeed so much remains to be done to better understand the role of the microbiome in health and disease and to harness its power to enhance health and well-being of all.

Beside the congress, the IHMC committee seized the opportunity to hold its annual meeting, discussing crucial issues like how to promote synergizing efforts of different programs towards common goals. A burning issue is implementing standard operating protocols across mushrooming studies all over the world, in order to make the results comparable. 

The conference ended with a closing ceremony during which Professor Li Lanjuan and Dr Dusko Ehrlich acknowledged the remarkable work of several young scientists selected to make an oral presentation during the meeting (Emily Hollister, Jeroen Raes, Suguru Nishijima, Ruth Ann Luna, Qin Nan, Yemin Lan, Henrik Bjorn Nielsen…) They feature the promising generation for future advances and discoveries in the field of microbiome research.

Looking forward the 5th IHMC congress which should be held in spring 2015!

The full conference program can be accessed here.