Publication policy

  • The Ft. Lauderdale agreement was intended to promote rapid data release from Community Resource Projects to the scientific community while also supporting the ability of the investigators carrying out the large-scale data production efforts, in this case IHMC members, to publish the first global analysis of their own data. The agreement addressed these dual goals by encouraging the members of the scientific community who used the pre-publication data sets to act responsibly and to follow high standards of respect for the contributions of the data generators. The IHMC Steering Committee will consider whether further steps are needed to protect the data producers’ interests, but will be mindful of the need to maximize public benefit by minimizing barriers to data access.
  • The Steering Committee will consider publication of a “marker paper” that describes the project and informs the research community about the IHMC’s goals, membership guidelines, and data release and publication policies.
  • The IHMC will contact journal editors to encourage them to act in accord with the data release guidelines and principles for IHMC publications. As a further step, the IHMC will consider drafting a letter of attestation that would accompany journal submissions affirming that the authors have properly consulted with the data producers, are not violating any community ethic regarding publication of their analysis and have properly acknowledged the data producers in their manuscript. This letter would be made available to the journals and microbial research community for their use.