Paris 2005

Paris - November 2005

The meeting, organised by INRA in Paris, gathered approximately 80 participants from Europe, America and Asia. While a majority work at research organisations and/or universities, more than 10% represented private companies (EU, USA). Funding organisations such as the European Commission, the National Science Foundation (USA), the National Institutes of Health (USA), and ANR (France) were also represented.

The meeting, organised over 2 days, included plenary sessions, and work-group discussions. The meeting started with plenary sessions presenting present research in the field of metagenomics : C. Frazer (TIGR), E. Rubin (JGI), J. Weissenbach (Genoscope), J. Dore (INRA). The following four work-group discussions were then organised :

  • Sequencing the Human Intestinal Metagenome;
  • Impact of Human Intestinal Metagenome characterization on Health;
  • Impact of a Human Intestinal Metagenome characterization on Industry and
  • Funding a Human Intestinal Metagenome program.

This was followed by discussion of the topics during plenary sessions. The meeting discussions were later summarised in a paper discussed among the participants (the Paris recommendations).