Shenzhen 2010

The IHMC meeting took place on the 4th of March in Shenzhen, China, after the first international MetaHIT conference on Human Metagenomics. MetaHIT conference was organized both by BGI (China) and INRA (France) and gathered 220 participants from 23 different countries, representing 4 continents: Europe, America, Asia and Oceania. Participants originate mostly from research organizations and/or universities but also from private companies, funding organizations and scientific journals. The meeting was sponsored by private companies such as Danone Research, Illumina, Biocodex, Applied Biosystems and Unilever.

After two days and a half dedicated to the MetaHIT conference, the IHMC meeting was the opportunity to present an updated version of the IHMC’s members programs. Presentations are available below.

Furthermore, as agreed during the Heidelberg meeting in 2008, IHMC chairmanship rotated: Jane Peterson from National Human Genome Research Institute (USA) and George Weinstock from Washington University (USA) are the co-chairs for 2010, succeeding to Dusko Ehrlich (INRA, France) and Christian Desaintes (European Commission).